[The Seven Levels] training was nothing short of miraculous for me. I am walking away with tangible tools to experience life at its fullest, with peace in my heart, and with boundless enthusiasm & gratitude for these teachings.  I am already benefiting and seeing results.  Everything about this program was perfect. Thank you endlessly, Matt & Dawn!

Miriam Barth, Seven Levels 2020

2020 Seven Levels, Argyle Camp

The traditional vision quest helped me to shed the parts of my past that no longer serve me. Allowing me to step onto my soul’s path with ease and confidence. Matt and the protectors served my human needs with love and understanding.

Joules Avellino, Traditional Quest 2020

I quested in 2006 which planted the seeds in my soul and gave me the courage to step into the next phase of my life. It was so amazing and worth it! 
Now, 14 years later, I just completed a 2nd vision quest with ‘The Source Within.’ Here I have received my calling! I now know that I have been preparing myself this whole time for this calling.

If I hadn’t have done the vision quest, my calling would not have come to me with this kind of absolute clarity. I have 100% NO DOUBTS of what my pathway is and I am so grateful to the Creator and myself for doing this hard work.
I am especially thankful to Matt and Dawn Hansen and all of the other people who come together to hold the space and allow this transforming process. I absolutely LOVE that this happens without the use of any substances except water to drink, and fasting. It is literally just me, creation, and the Creator.  
My favorite quote from Jesus: “I never said it would be easy. I said it would be worth it.” …..so true!!!!l
Thank you!!!

Jennifer Hansen, Traditional Quest 2006, 2020

2020 Vision Quest, Argyle Camp

The most incredible experience of my life and the most impacting has left me truly a different person

Douglas Caputo, Traditional Quest 1998, 2002


2006 Vision Quest, Spring City Camp


Holy sh*t!

Wayne Cina, Vision Quest 2018



I gained a testimony, there in that circle, that outer does reflect inner, that we are at one with nature . . . I was centered in a part of myself that was prepared to accept my future as it unfolded before me one day at a time . . . The process can be difficult but I recommend it to anyone who would like to connect with their deeper self.

Aaron Watt, Traditional Quest 1996

2017 Vision Quest, Argyle Camp