Protector Training Course

Do you feel called to share the quest experience, to protect another’s right to find their own unique Spiritual Heart and Path?

Intended for those that have been on a Vision Quest before. This 10-day course is designed to teach the skills needed to guide others in a Vision Quest. You will learn how to expand your awareness, tapping into the “Spirit Mind” that is common during a quest but applied, in this case, to protection of others seeking through the Vision Quest. This heightened awareness includes all levels of our human experience from the physical to the spiritual. You will also learn personal and area shielding, sensing areas of light and dark, dissipating disruptive influences, and honing the energetic and spiritual senses that are beyond our physical senses. The program culminates in the second level of quest as a gateway to enhanced and effective protection.

2018 Quest Protector Training; Livingston, Montana

The course is focused on experiential learning but also includes lecture material to share with questers to empower a maximally transformative experience as well as how to introduce questing to beginners. Participants will learn all logistics of running a quest program from menu planning to emergencies. Each trainee will receive a copy of Malcolm Ringwalt’s “Vision Quest Protector Manual.”

Although explicitly intended to train Vision Quest protectors, the protection skills can be applied to other purposes such as protecting children or imperiled landscapes. Trainees commonly find enhanced understanding of their own questing experiences while the acquired skills, coupled with purpose beyond self, open new pathways for further spiritual growth.

Montana Camp Sunset; Photo by Carter Hansen

Applicants must have the experience of at least one Vision Quest. For those who did not quest with us, please note that the quest we teach comes from Grandfather Stalking Wolf (Lipan) as passed down from Tom Brown, Jr. The teaching was then passed to Malcolm Ringwalt, Bear Povisils, and Chuck Goewey, and in turn, onto us. Grandfather’s Vision, in part, was to find the common spiritual truths among the world’s religions and cultures. As such, this Quest is not Lipan but, rather, a distillation of the core quest experience stripped of cultural add-ons.  As a result, this quest is suitable for folks regardless of religious or cultural background.

Prerequisite: Traditional Quest or equivalent (i.e., three or four day solo fasting quest).

2021 date: August 13-22 (Friday through the following Sunday); application deadline July 30; suggested donation $450-1200 (deposit $200). Link to application information.